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Mr. Waled Harb founded Future Gate Ltd. on July 8th, 2011. The founder spotted the need for providing expert and specialized student placement services. Building on his extensive diversified background; he established Future Gate Ltd. to fulfill the market need.

Mr. Waled Harb graduated in 2002 from the University of Jordan, completing his Bachelors degree in Industrial Engineering. Soon after he sought his MBA degree at Coventry University, England. Being an international student has been a leading guidance that he has translated into his services at Future Gate Ltd. What’s more; his outstanding entrepreneurial and managerial skills has been a principal cause to the success of the Business. Mr. Waled Harb has co-founded many successful companies in Jordan and Canada, thus he seizes any opportunity to bring new and innovative ideas. Since the opening of Future Gate Ltd. it has been receiving clients from the Middle East, and gaining fast popularity in the community.

Located in the heart of Downtown Vancouver, the company has gained a tremendous advantage of being surrounded by Vancouver’s designated learning institutions for ESL learners. Thus, providing the convenience for its students to reach all services required in a single preferred location. Adding to its quarters are the new branches located in Toronto, ON, as well as, Jeddah and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It has created a network of professional business partners linking the West to the East region. Future Gate Ltd. has become the medium that provides not only student services, but also support to all those who have inspired to travel abroad.

It is further known for its exceptional educational services through its diverse staff and atmosphere. Being able to effectively interact with diverse cultures at a variety of academic levels. As well as, their self-motivation and customization of solutions has provided excellent service to its students. Future Gate Ltd. hires enthusiastic individuals who display great dedication to education and student counseling.

Our vision is to become a company of choice for education, consulting and placement services for International students around the world. Through establishing successful relationships with Schools in Canada, USA, Europe and the Middle East. Three Years and counting, Future Gate has built a respectable image that it continues to hold.